Know's More General Question's

If a driver has not yet turned 25 at the time of the car rental, he or she must present a national driver's license and an international driver's license that expire no earlier than 3 years from the current date. A similar requirement also applies a second driver.
Yes. When renting a car, every driver must present valid driver's licenses and present a copy of his/her passport.
If you are at fault for the downtime of a vehicle, the company has the right to collect lost profits from you.
The company provides comprehensive car insurance. The cost of insurance for a luxury class vehicle is 3000-5000 AED, for a sports class vehicle — 7000-10000 AED.
If you get into an accident, you must immediately inform the police. You must not leave the place of the accident until the police have fully completed their reports. If you fail to present the police report about the car accident, you will be financially liable for the damages resulting from the accident.